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1. My name is Ambree Klemm and I'm making plans to move out to the area in February and looking for housing. Due to of the nature of my work, I would prefer to have a private room or my own place (perhaps a guest house or studio to rent), but I'm open to anything. I'm low maintenance, friendly and responsible. Feel free to contact me (text or call) at (702)526-0876 with any leads.

1. My roommate will be moving out by mid-December. The place we live in is a two bedroom master suites (each bedroom has its own bathroom including shower connected to it), very nice place for Huntington Beach. The apartment was remodeled shortly before we moved in. Some of the other pluses include: professional roommate, super clean, nice carpet, laundry room for the apartment complex (only six units total), plenty of street parking, cable (large flat screen TV already in place) and Internet already setup, couches in place, dishwasher, garage (big enough for storage in addition to …

Housing 11/25

1. Hi! My name is Joseph Struhs. I currently go to school up at BYU-I in Rexburg. I'm planning to move to the LA area at the beginning of January and am looking for a place to live! So, if anyone is looking for a roommate here in the next month or two, I'd be really interested in opening up lines of communication and checking out the possibilities. Contact

1. I am graduating from BYU in December and will be moving to LA for a job at that time.  I'm LDS, hard-working, clean and looking for roommates that are the same.  I 'm looking for a room to rent, preferably around $700.  I'm hoping that you know of someone looking for a roommate, or know of a good place for me to search. Contact Brooke Carpenter at: 949 547 0503

2.  Chelsea Joubert is looking for a place to live/roommates. Budget is around $600. Ideal is short-term. Contact