My name is Zach Crane. I recently moved to LA a couple of weeks ago and am looking for a housing/roomate opportunity. I moved from Morgan Utah. I have all ready been able to secure work. I'm working full time at 24 hour fittness and now just need to get housing set up. I would prefer to live in the L.A. city area as I spend the majority of my time there.

I am 24 y.o. R.M. Served in Portlan, Oregon. I am clean quiet and am responsible. I feel I have an easy going personality and make friends easily. I am a creative artist as well. My work is smaller and contained so no worry for messes.

I would even be open to a temporary sublease to give me more flexibility in looking for a more permanent soloution. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited to finally be out here

I can be reached by email at

or by phone