Guy Needs Summer Housing

Hello! My name is Dylan Hoffman - I'm a BYU Animation Student and just got an internship at Disney Animation Studios in Burbank! I start June 16th but despite only giving us two weeks notice they want us to find our own housing! It's only for 8 weeks, running to August 9th. I heard this is a great place to look for housing so... here I am! 

I'm pretty low-key and don't really have any preferences to speak of. I don't mind sharing a room, and even no furniture is easily remedied by camping gear (of which I have plenty!). I'm not getting paid a ton for the internship so obviously cheaper is better, but I also understand the market down there isn't cheap! 

It's not a huge deal, but I'll actually be on crutches for my time there. I imagine most places have elevators though? 

Thanks a bunch! 

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