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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Looking for Housing/Recruiting Roommates!!! (Men)

Hey y'all! My name is Stephen and I will be moving to Los Angeles at the beginning of September to start a new job. I am looking for housing or potential roommates also searching for housing.

I don't want to just wait, wish, hope, and pray that roommates/housing just magically happen...so if you are in the same boat as me don't be afraid to contact me. With our collective effort I am sure that we can find a viable solution to our housing dilemma.

I have one option currently on the table as an apartment. There is one other guy that is interested so we are looking to potentially fill another one or two more spots.

The apartment is located at 10715 Missouri Ave #302, Los Angeles. It is a three story townhouse style apartment with two normal bedrooms and one master bedroom. It comes with two tandem parking spots. Also, the parking in the immediate surrounding area, in my little experience parking nearby, is surprisingly plentiful. It is located just a few blocks from the temple and just a few more to church. The total rent for the apartment is $2,900, to be split up accordingly among the three to four occupants. I plan on having a washer and dryer in place when we move in and hopefully couches as well.

If you are interested in the apartment or are searching for some good guys as roommates I am sure we can make something happen.

Best of luck to you all!!!


  1. Hey, my name is benjamin cole and I would be interested in filling a spot for a few months. You can reach me at 702-577-8724 or colebenjamin88@gmail.com

  2. I've got a really nice spot by USC with 3 LDS guys, looking for a fourth. Email me for details! rountreecdr@gmail.com

  3. Stephen, if u r still looking for another roommate, let me know. 620spencer@gmail.com

  4. I am interested if you still are looking for someone. jonathon.rickords@hotmail.com

  5. Looks like I'm late to the party. But if you end up still needing someone let me know. johngoldengardiner@gmail.com.

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  7. If you need a fourth, I'm will to share a room. Email me Pmoli89@gmail.com