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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Male Housing Needed, End of Octover

Hi, I'm planning on moving down to LA in the next couple months to look for work as an audio engineer.  I live in Provo and graduated from BYU a year and a half ago.  My dad and I are planning on making a trip down at the end of October to look for apartments.  I'm from Utah originally and don't really know the area of LA at all, so I'd like some help on good areas to look at.  I won't have a job when I move, so I'm going to have to just get whatever job I can to survive while I start looking for a job in sound.  So if I can get any help with areas, available apartments, jobs, what to look for, any of that would be soooo helpful!

Thanks so much,

Mark Carey

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  1. Hello mark, I'm looking for somewhere aswell, wondered if you were still looking or if you've found somewhere now ?