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Extraordinary MALE Housing!!! Available July 1st

Attention Bros, Brothers, and Brethren:

The Legendary "Fairburn Hotel"* will be having a vacancy starting July 1st!!

For those unfamiliar with this amazing place and opportunity, it its located walking distance to the LA Temple near the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd & Beverly Glen. The stunning apartment features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, appliance-filled kitchen and a living room so large you could easily pack in 203 yodeling bearded-midgets, and fit a massive flat-screen TV, humongous couch, coffee table, giant love sac, and a pool table, and still have plenty of room...**so we have.

If you are selected to inhabit this coveted spot you will have to yourself one large private room with a sliding glass door that opens to a shaded balcony. You will also be graced with the opportunity to be surrounded by awesomely-rad roommates, all of which either attend LA YSA (LA1st) or Westwood II.

Rent is $788/month, plus utilities that averages another $75 a month.