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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dudes Needing Roomies


I am a church member currently looking for an apartment and a roommate(s). I will be moving to the Hollywood around August 10.
Contact wyattwmaw@gmail.com

Does anyone out there only want a part time roommate?  Anyone either 1) Have a spare room but doesn't want a full-time roommate, or 2) Have a deal on a place that is sooo good, I wouldn't feel bad only staying there half the time but paying for it all?
Here's why: I'm starting a Program at UCLA this Fall but want to stay living down in San Diego.  The class only meets Monday and Tuesday night.  I also have an internship which at the moment is only Monday-Wed, maybe just Monday and Tuesday.
So, I'd commute from San Diego and I would for sure need a place to stay Monday nights and maybe Sunday and Wednesday nights.  I am option to a few options:
1) Pay someone's utilities or part time rent for a part-time room or even a pull out couch.  (I could go shower at 24 hour fitness if necessary).
2) Pay full rent, but only live there half the time.  (If I'm going to do this, the deal has to be SWEEEET).
3) I'm open to other ideas.
Email me, Nathaniel Maughan, (facebook stalk me if needed) at motts1010@gmail.com.  THANKS!