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Dudes Needing Roomies


I am a church member currently looking for an apartment and a roommate(s). I will be moving to the Hollywood around August 10.

Does anyone out there only want a part time roommate?  Anyone either 1) Have a spare room but doesn't want a full-time roommate, or 2) Have a deal on a place that is sooo good, I wouldn't feel bad only staying there half the time but paying for it all?
Here's why: I'm starting a Program at UCLA this Fall but want to stay living down in San Diego.  The class only meets Monday and Tuesday night.  I also have an internship which at the moment is only Monday-Wed, maybe just Monday and Tuesday.
So, I'd commute from San Diego and I would for sure need a place to stay Monday nights and maybe Sunday and Wednesday nights.  I am option to a few options:
1) Pay someone's utilities or part time rent for a part-time room or even a pull out couch.  (I could go shower at 24 hour fitness if necessary).
2) Pay full rent…