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Male Housing:

1.  Looking for roommate- I have a full apartment's worth of furniture including couches, tables, bookcases, an entertainment center, plasma tv, cooking and eating utensils, etc. So the ideal situation would be to team up with someone who doesn't have any furniture. .. I have to be out of my current place within the next week, so I'll pretty much take whatever I can find in that time frame. I can throw my furniture into storage if there isn't any room for it.
Feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions.

Pace Archibald
(205) 300-2721

2. Looking for roommate- I am new to SM YSA ward, and need some help finding a new place!  I am currently in the area, but just found out that I need to find a new place soon. 
Email Elyas Zamani at

3. Part-time roommate-  I'm looking to move down to the area shortly.  I'm an engineer up in the Mojave Desert, but I'm looking to find a place down here to stay…