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Housing 1/27/13


1. Hi, I just moved to the Los Angeles Area from Richmond Virginia, I'm currently living in North Hollywood and going to the Glendale 7th ward but i need to find another place to live by the end of the month. I'm open to location and price should be around 500-600. I'm currently doing BYU-Idaho's pathway program, and pretty much open minded and open to meeting people and potential roommates! It would be awesome if you guys could post an ad on the blog for me, I don't know if you guys need a picture but here's one! Thanks so much.

my cell is 804-517-6596 and my school email is - Hugo GALS 1. Female Roommate is needed.
My name is Evelyn and I am moving out the end of the month and I need to find a replacement. The spot is in the master bedroom shared with two other girls that are members and go to the Santa Monica 3rd Ward. They are really nice and really clean. Rent is $360-380 not including utilities and the lease is month to month. Ther…