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Housing Needed

1. Name: Ariel Letts
Age: 22
Ariel is a BYU English major who coming to Los Angeles this summer for an internship.
She needs a shared room for the months of May-August priced at $450-600/month. The internship is located at Groundswell Prod. 11925 Wilshire Blvd. Please contact Ariel at 321-458-1722 for any information. You may also contact her mother, Bonnie Letts, at 321-750-8638. Thank you!

2. Hello! My name is Caitlynn and I am looking for a room to rent in the are! I am 21 years old, very friendly and easygoing. Price range between $500-700.
Call or text me at (949)547-9791
Thank you!!!!! 
3. Hey, I'm Natalie Nelson and I"m looking for a place to rent with LDS roommates. I am looking to pay 500/month or lower. I'm currently living in utah, and I'm from Canada. I'm very clean and organized, I love the outdoors and am very social. I will be going to school in LA for photography. Please feel free to send me a text or email.
Thanks so much!
Natalie 801 623 2819 nbnelson1…