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November 16th Housing

1. I am looking for an apartment starting JANUARY 1st. I am opened about the type of room and budget. If anyone wants to sell their contract or wants to find an apartment let me know. My e-mail is Thanks! -Mariana-

2. Room for rent in 2-bedroom townhouse in Manhattan Beach. $800/month includes utilities, washer/dryer, cable, internet, and covered parking as well as storage area. Contact

Women's Housing

Looking to sublet my contract the last 2 weeks of December & first 2 weeks of January for 650$ orrrr sell it if needed. If anyone knows anyone that might be interested
It's just off Wilshire by the LACMA. 
If I sell it I am looking to rent in Los Angeles/Santa Monica for max 600$ a month.
Let me know what information you need!
Cori Fox (801)663-9000