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Roommate Needed in Female Westlake Apartment

Location: 2424 Wilshire Blvd.

Apt #411

Los Angeles, CA 90057

I am looking for someone in from church to be my new roommate!  I prefer someone

who is responsible, independent, honest, tidy, easy-going, and prompt with meeting financial

deadlines.  The apartment building is ten minutes by car or bus, from the heart of downtown

LA, this quiet 1920’s style apartment building is perfectly situated whether you need to get to

work quickly or just want to spend the weekend at the beach on a whim .  There is also a

Metro Rail stop available on Alvarado St. if you need to get anywhere in the LA County quick

without a car. 

The apartment is a studio apt with a small kitchen and bathroom and three closets. 

There is one large living/ bed room (large enough to fit two queen – sized beds).  The monthly

rent is $950/ mo, so you would be responsible for $475/ mo.  Utilities are a separate cost,

which is normally around $46/ mo, so you would contribute $23/ mo. 

The building is surrounded by a gate p…

Male Housing Needed Around $900

Taylor is moving in the next month or two and is looking for a place that's $900 or less, shared or private, doesn't matter. 818-238-7569, This is not a summer sublet, this is regular long term housing.

Couple In Search of April-July Sublet

A married couple is looking for housing from April 27th to July 15th. Price range around $850.

Contact Brandon Young at

Male Summer Sublet Around USC Needed

Rafael is looking for a summer sublet from May to beginning of July. Near USC / within twenty minutes. Would prefer someone willing to cook meals for him...

Male Summer Housing Needed Near UCLA

I am a 22-year-old male seeking housing from Saturday, June 12th, to Saturday, August 8th in order to participate in a research program at UCLA. I'm looking for a place that is within walking distance of the UCLA campus, and is a safe place to live. I'd prefer to have room-mates who I could go to church events with.

619 729 5591.